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*Please just visit a general/ mental hospital and orphan/ old age/ lonely homes, we will understand our future*

దయచేసి సాధారణ/మానసిక ఆసుపత్రి మరియు అనాథ/ వృద్ధాప్య/ ఒంటరి గృహాలను సందర్శించండి, మనకు మన భవిష్యత్తును అర్థం అవుతుంది.

How are you doing? Hope everything is good, as you are not calling or answering or not responding as wise experienced spiritual practical devotee.

When will you write own words about, your extensive knowledge/ experience after 30 yrs age, Arishadvarg Ashtavyasan slavery control sadhana, knowing ourselves and living guru Seva in Telugu or your birth language or at least in English as matured proud loyal practical devotee person by giving respect to (y)our own Mom?

Because all our parents gave Samskara to us, we have to show that in words, acts, songs and talks in daily life. It is good for physical and mental health also.

If you don't believe Veda/ Purana/ Sanatana dharma/ my words from above 10 years, still fine.

Could you please just visit a general and mental hospital and orphan/ old age/ lonely homes, we will understand our future. Is that the greatest achievement in the life?

So, by knowing willfully, we are still continuing our own mistakes in the material life, which won't support at the life ending.

That is already proved by great well-known folks and also in our home/ neighbors with live example - our place Ramanna, Rajanna, Savitramma, Jayalalitamma, Kodelayya, CoffeeDayAyya, etc.

Can't we learn from this great people life lessons about material world? Would you like to add (y)our name also to that list as today's example?

From 10 yrs same message with no response - when will you think about yourself spiritually and do best for you only. If we can't help ourselves with Arishadvarg Ashtavyasan slavery, we can't help anyone else in this world including our own family.

Did you see how many new Go Fund requests are coming? How many new people are visiting/ joining in hospital? How many new people are alone at home or orphan centers? How many folks are losing peace of mind and crying, daily?

God gave better life for us compared to other, to know ourselves and help with others mental weakness, but not for destroying ourselves and others. But 80% doing the 2nd one with world illusions.

At least, Did you find best Guru/ Shishya without Arishadvarg Ashtavyasan slavery for 5 years? And also with 5 yrs minimum living guru Seva? T

hen is this purpose of life - selfish living, earning, eating, going for 1 2 and giving birth and increasing sin of Kaliyuga?

It is still pending question from 10 yrs from you, by knowing yourself, weakness, strength to control and correct ourselves.

We have no time after illness. Time, God and Panchabhut will not spare our Nirlakshya. Did you ever do any living guru Seva for more than a year continuously?

Whatever the examples you are giving should not include money at all. It should be by our own body and mind. Can please think now at least for 15 min for yourself?  
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మా సామాజిక చైతన్య సమాచారం లో తప్పులు ఉంటే మన్నించి, బాధ్యత గల పౌరునిగా, మంచిని పెంచే, ఆదర్శ వ్యక్తి గా, సరిచేసి సూచించగలరు.
మాతృమూర్తి మాతృభాషను గౌరవించి, తెలుగు లో సొంతం గా 2 మాటలు రాయడం, కనీసం మమ్మల్ని తిట్టేందుకు అయినా. ధర్మాన్ని రక్షించిన, అది మనల్ని కాపాడుతుంది.

ఆ టీవీ, ఈ టీవీ, మీ టీవీ, మా టీవీ, వాళ్ళ టీవీ పత్రిక - అన్ని టీవీ, పత్రిక వార్తలు వినోదం ఇక్కడే
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