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We agree your opinion about hot drinks or anything related to world illusion, every one has their own assumptions to feel each and everything in life, otherwise we might be missing something, we respect that.

Life is not full complete without CORONA (covid, alpha, gama, delta variants) taste or feel - someone said with experience from hospital bed with happy smile after moving around without listening to Govt, by spending valuable time life money, by giving risk for their family.

Still we may agree and respect his own view and his value to his family. Because it is his own choice due to respect on his family.

In the same way, you guys also don't know the full complete life, with free pure taste of water and leaves. With your hot drinks, the original taste of tongue is gone.

Organic (or original) leaves or water or oxygen or doctor or medicine or hospital is also more costly, if time comes and if our fate changes.

You have, your costly brand (shop) drinks on one side, which you can only drink separately, with or without fear. Adulteration is possible. Your doctor may restrict. But inside may feel happy if you continue, because you are his business.

But we have our cheaper brand, home vegetarian drinks other side. Our whole family can drink together, anywhere, without any fear, no adulteration,

- Bitter guard, Carrot, Curry leaves Mint Coriander, Beetroot, Kale, Radish and Kashaya along with Ginger and Garlic.

These drinks also hot in mouth, try once and know the real truth. These will activate mind and make more functional, prevent and cure many diseases.

Even doctor or elder cannot restrict these, they will encourage happily.

So now we have experts on both sides - shop hot drinks Vs family home veg hot drinks.

It is always good to have both worlds, in the same team, if in need for future.

What would you say? Correct us if we are wrong.

Vegetarian Healthy Soft and Hot Family Drinks

- These will activate mind and make more functional
- Prevent and cure many diseases
- Our tongue original taste will preserve for life long
- Approved by elders, best brands Veg Drinks in the world for years
- Daily one glass, just add water
- Save money, health, family and life
- We also have label, color and type for these
- Show proudly to everyone and encourage them to drink in the morning for better results, but you can drink any time, daily fresh

* Black Label (Strong) - Kashaya

* Green Label (Light) - Curry leaves + mint + coriander
* Green Label (Queen) - Kale
* Green Label (Strong/ King) - Bitter Guard
* Green Label (Too Strong/Indian Queen) - Neem leaves

* Red Label (Light) - Carrot
* Red Label (Strong) - Beetroot

* White Label (Light) - Water
* White Label (Strong) - Radish (Mullangi)

* Yellow Label - Turmeric (Water)
* Gold Label - Turmeric (Milk)

- You can use organic products also based on your budget.
- Add Ginger and Garlic to make it more strong/ hot.
- Add Lemon to make it more tasty.  
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మా సామాజిక చైతన్య సమాచారం లో తప్పులు ఉంటే మన్నించి, బాధ్యత గల పౌరునిగా, మంచిని పెంచే, ఆదర్శ వ్యక్తి గా, సరిచేసి సూచించగలరు.
మాతృమూర్తి మాతృభాషను గౌరవించి, తెలుగు లో సొంతం గా 2 మాటలు రాయడం, కనీసం మమ్మల్ని తిట్టేందుకు అయినా. ధర్మాన్ని రక్షించిన, అది మనల్ని కాపాడుతుంది.

కేవలం ఒక మీడియా వార్త నే నమ్మలేము, ఒకే చోట అందరి వార్తలను ఇక్కడ చూసి, నిజాలు పోల్చుకోగలము
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