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My daughter will shrink and go away anytime - General - లోకం తీరు/ News
మిగతా లోకం తీరు కూడా చదివితే మీ సందేహాలకు జవాబులు లభిస్తాయి. 923 కధనాలు. ఇతరులతో ఈ ఆసక్తి కరమైన విషయాలను పంచుకోగలరు.
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1 నిమిష చదువు సమయం.

Ram and Anand is talking about caring the parents. Now they are in their forties. Ram is explaining like this -

At least now, we have to think about our parents(living gods). Based on our home internal situation and issues, they don't like to come and stay with us. But they will say other reasons, without blaming us.

My folks left my mother. Because she is old and cannot walk outside without stick and other person. She already falls down and went to emergency already 2 times.

In 2014, American doctor said, no guarantee for next year, by seeing her highest Sugar and BP level. Usual English tablets/ medicine will make people more weak, thin and lose weight. At certain points, they will die. Think about 70 yrs old Indian house wife situation with all these issues.

By giving neem, bitter guard, ginger, garlic, . . ., 1 mile hand holding walk, . . . Now still, she is alive. But we don't know tomorrow.

They need affection, love, laughing, touching hands, like what we give love to our 5 yr old kid. They don't need our throwing money by staying far. Soon or later, we will face that, no one will help us.

I resigned Govt job for her because I can't go on time or come back. At least I have to make her happy now, last days. Please try to call your parents every day and see on Whats app/Skype at least.

Usually, every daughter will grow, but my daughter(Mom) will shrink and go away anytime to reach dad.

This is not to show sympathy for me or to praise. This is to encourage your love on your parents, our live gods. Without loving or caring them, our puja and temple visit is useless.

Anand said, sure I will take care for my parents also by keeping with me and without giving any trouble to them.

Ram continued - The following may be silly things to you or may not believe or laugh. But to extend the life with God support, everything is useful for my daughter health.

1. From 5 yrs, every SAT, she is keeping lemon ghee lamp at temple before 8 am, wake up at 5 am with the head bath and traveling 10 miles. 9 pradakshina to nava graha.

You may not believe God, but think her energy level at 74 to do this at any cost.

2. She wrote five lakhs of words Sri Rama, ramakoti.

You may not believe the god, but it will give mental peace, strength and confidence. She is the living proof.

3. For her health and keep the things normal, from last 11 weeks, I am doing 108 pradakshina at the temple. It may continue.

You may not believe god, but still good exercise and increase confidence and respecting Hindu tradition. Better than treadmill or road walks.

So many things we have to do to maintain her confidential level. We may not change our fate, but god may help. But we should not be the reason for our future bad fate.

God gave strength, money and comfort to test us, how much less we will use without falling on the feet of Maya. We should be careful. In the news we are seeing malya, neerav, coffee day, etc. Anytime, our fate can change, nothing is permanent.  
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