World leaders slam major polluters at UN summit - 02:10 min - News - Video
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World leaders slam major polluters at UN summit - 02:10 min - News - VideoVivek Ramaswamy: Government should ‘return’ children of undocumented immigrants with ‘family unit’  - 03:40 min - News - VideoWatch: Donald Trump gets swarmed as he hands out pizza at Iowa pub  - 01:55 min - News - VideoSyrias Assad in China, seeks to end isolation  - 00:40 min - News - VideoLIVE | Zelenskyy meets with Biden at the White House  - 00:00 min - News - VideoSeptember 21, 2023: US House, Russia strikes Ukraine, Zelenskiy visits Capitol, Syria, Canada, India  - 01:32 min - News - Video Latest News Vote
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Published Date: 2023-09-21 12:38:54, Category: News (650844)
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Title: World leaders slam major polluters at UN summit

World leaders slam major polluters summit

&#;Naked greed&#;: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and leaders from climate-vulnerable nations implore policymakers around the world to phase out climate-warming fossil fuels, criticize big

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