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Srinagar covered in thick layer of snow - 02:02 min - News - Video
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Srinagar covered in thick layer of snow - 02:02 min - News - Videoशाहीन बाग में प्रदर्शन तो खत्म नहीं हुआ, लेकिन अब सियासत जरूर शुरू हो गई है  - 09:52 min - News - VideoNirbhaya Case: Delhi High Court refuses to put stay on convicts death warrant | IndiaTV News  - 06:05 min - News - VideoNIrbhaya Case के दोषियों की दया याचिका खारिज, लेकिन अब 22 जनवरी को नहीं होगी फांसी !  - 02:29 min - News - Videoदोपहर तक की बड़ी खबरें, जिन्हें आपका जानना जरूरी है । Lunch Break I Jan 15, 2020  - 16:43 min - News - VideoIndia one of new centers of economic might, political influence: Russian Foreign Minister  - 01:08 min - News - Video Latest News Vote
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Published Date: 2020-01-15 10:20:10, Category: News (393566)
Time: 02:02 min, View Count= 41 ( + More Social Media views ) , Rating=
Title: Srinagar covered in thick layer of snow

Srinagar covered thick layer snow

Thick layer of snow covered the houses in to IndiaTV and don&#;t forget to press &#;THE BELL ICON&#; to never miss any available Mobile App from Ind

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