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Shani mahardasa - Shani will be careful when our parents are with us - General - లోకం తీరు/ News
మిగతా లోకం తీరు కూడా చదివితే మీ సందేహాలకు జవాబులు లభిస్తాయి. 930 కధనాలు. ఇతరులతో ఈ ఆసక్తి కరమైన విషయాలను పంచుకోగలరు.
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Ram, who is staying in America along with mother and his friend Som are discussing about Shani(Saturn) and issues and how he faced them.

Resigning from US Gov. job is a life time event. We need guts as middle class person. Shani mahadasha(7 and 1/2 years) will give all tough tests/ lessons to find our real intention and take us to the next phase.

In this particular test, loose Money or Mom? Addicted to Govt job? Choose only one. Are you acting or doing from heart?

If we resign our self, we will lose some benefits also. Physically this is true. But spiritually, God will keep that losing benefits, in his savings bank and give back when we will be in real need, by other form if we do the right thing in the test. Every person should go through this tough time and learn life lessons.

But Lord Shani will be careful when our parents are with us, because parents will protect us. Many people don't know this, otherwise they won't keep them away. Because one side Shani actions, other side God will protect the good parents, because they are old and they are his representatives. So Shani should balance the big hits or troubles, so that no harm to the good parents.

So we escaped from big car accident with just small dents without any fear or tension. Nothing happens to Mom, even I didn't feel anything. Remember, Shani will not do bad at all for good folks, he will help.

I got Gov. job and left it in the same Shani mahadasha period. He is just like a Jailer/ Judge. He will fulfill his duties based on our karma. People always blame him for nothing, actually that is wrong. Judge gave punishment based on our previous acts(karma).

If we put money(karma) in the bank, we will get interest(result) automatically irrespective of our location or position. Even if we do puja or pranam(namaskar) to bank manager feet and asks him not to pay the interest, he will smile and reply, sorry it is bank rule and I am helpless. If you don't want the interest then take the amount out of the bank, I can't stop the interest. It is true.

In that bad situation, Mom asked me - if you do like that(resign), how about money and career? I told her, you know about me well. No meat or fish from 20 yrs. In 20 yrs, most of the time, sleeping on the floor with minimum things. No drink, smoke, or desire. Even last 5 yrs, I am having BP Sugar diet food along with u. So already God is preparing for next phase.

Just think about your presence here. You might be thinking that - My son got me here. No, it is not me. From 30 years, by using 30 different folks, God created the platform to get you here. So the 75% credit(punya) goes to that 30 folks, remaining is yours and your goodness. So my share is zero, just coordinated events to fulfill the God wish.

So concentrate on what you are doing by having trust on God. I will do the same. Now the burden lies on HIM(God). So we should not have the tension/ pain/ worry, as long as we don't have selfish desire. Minimum food, bed and comfort, he will provide.

We have to accept all insults/difficulties happily with the smile so that We can clean (burn) our sin backlog. If God next test is to determine whether I am addicted to American comfort or not? I am ready for that also. HE will prepare the platform at the native place for us to do some fruitful tasks. Whenever I visit the native place, even auto rickshaw guy will not believe that, I am from west by seeing my dress and chappal(attire). So we should be ready for anything.

Be happy, eat and walk well, continue the daily/ weekly God lamp. Believe in HIM, leave the burden to HIM. If he is ready to take you, don't worry I will try to come along with you by holding your hand like what I am doing now. Your goodness will always protect you. I am always zero(purnam) - before, now and later.

In this way, I make my mom comfortable in these difficult situations, Ram told Som.  
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